Club Players Coming on Strong!

Club Players Coming on Strong!

Over the past couple of weeks I have seen three of my clients who are regular club players. Their handicaps range from 9 to 22 and I am seriously happy with their progression.

The 1st player had been really struggling with nerves, especially on the 1st tee when other players were watching. This usually resulted in so much tension and anxiety that if contact was made, it was almost out of luck. She really loves playing golf but the pressure was making her want to quit. The key was effective focus. That is, tuning into her own shot and not what the observers were thinking. Everyone suffers from nerves…’s natural, but using a couple of techniques has allowed her to manage herself much better. She won’t be quitting golf!

The 2nd player was unable to get a consistent strike on the ball when chipping around the greens. His technique was easily good enough to get a decent contact but he kept thinking about the shot he didn’t want to play. This resulted in poor confidence and a rushed shot. An effective mental pre-shot routine has had a huge effect on his strike out on the course.

The 3rd player could not finish off a good round. He’d been playing well for the first 14 holes and then ‘the wheels fell off the trolley!’ This was due to the fact that all of his focus was on the score so we moved the goal posts and got him to focus on the things that were controllable. Although not fully there yet, he is making excellent progress and now has a clear but simple plan when closing out a good round of golf!

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