Interesting Week!

Interesting Week!

This week started off with a short trip in the snow to a PGA pro who used to be an MMA Cage Fighter! Quite unique I would guess? Our challenge is to find out his Ideal Performance State. You would think that the IPS’s for golf and fighting would be poles apart……and you might be right, but thankfully we are all individuals. Having used some of the audio tracks (hypnosis) I had passed on to him following our first session a few weeks ago, he asked if I could ‘send him deeper.’ Not a problem! I did a 20 minute hypnosis session with him and recorded it at the same time. It was safe to say he went deep. I worked on inproving his subconscious focus and confidence which he was very pleased with. Time will tell how his focus has improved.

I also had a session with a young amateur player (H/C 2) who was looking for ways to stay focused on the driving range. This is because all the golf courses around have about 5 inches of frost. We created a ball flight matrix whereby he works on hitting the 9 ball flights and measures his success. It is important that any practice drill or game is measurable inorder to note improvements. To complete the full practice task would take around 45 minutes which is more than enough time to spend on one area of your game.

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